minilogo Silestone Quartz Countertops

International Stone Gallery of Buffalo, NY sells Silestone Quartz countertops.  Silestone Quartz is one of the most durable and elegant surfaces on the market. Scratch and stain resistant, Silestone is the only quartz surfacing with the inclusion of Microban antibacterial protection. Microban protection inhibits the growth of common bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungi that causes stains, odors, and product deterioration, making your Silestone Quartz countertop easier to clean than most other surfaces.

Silestone Quartz surfacing is a durable material with a unique jewel-like appearance. Silestone Quartz is available in a variety of colors and protected by a Microban finish that makes it perfect for a maintenance free countertop.

A complete list and the newest samples of color from our Quartz suppliers can be found here for your convenience.







Here are only a few of the more popular colors, there's many, many more to choose from, please call 716-625-8400 or stop in to see what else is available...


Absolute Green African Red Alpine White Amarillo Palmira Bamboo Black Anubis Black-Canyon Blue Sahara Brazillian Brown Capri Limestone Coffee Brown Ebony Pearl Giallo Quarry Ivory Coast Kala Hari Kalahari Kona Beige Lyra Mountain Mist Rosa Gray Sienna Ridge Sierra Madre Stellar Night Stellar Snow

Color and Depth

First introduced 20 years ago in 12 original colors, Silestone has evolved its color palette over and over leading to more than 50 color selections. Each color is carefully designed and formulated to please the eye while simultaneously matching the most current trends in fashion and style. A few samples are seen above.

In addition to the myriad hues, Silestone offers a wide array of options based on depth of color and dimension. This design flexibility ranges from a single-mixing color process that results in a more homogeneous look, to Cosentino's three-dimensional color process for added depth and finally to the most exclusive, innovative five-dimensional color process that provides a higher index of refraction for yet more richness of color.

Composition and Pattern

Silestone colors vary not only in hue, from the most subtle neutral shades, to the rather brilliant and dynamic tones; Silestone has also reinvented its spectrum of patterns. From its solid, homogeneous patterns to its color selections filled with movement with varying size quartz gemstone particulates and other enhancement materials.

And the possibilities to add different components are virtually endless. Such as, the enhancements of glass and mirror featured in the Stellar Series, the large grains of quarried quartz in the Mountain Series and the sanded mirrors in the Cielo Series... always arriving at a new and unique quartz design that is fashion-forward.


The look, the touch, the feel, are the basic ingredients in a sophisticated formula of development and design. Silestone offers virtually unlimited possibilities in terms of applications. Ideally suited for kitchen countertops, Silestone is also excellent for bathroom vanity tops, table tops, floors and even shelving. On a vertical line, Silestone makes for excellent backsplash designs, shower walls and other wall cladding, giving the end-user the power to continue reinventing their spaces with Silestone Quartz.