minilogo Marble Countertops

International Stone Gallery of Buffalo, NY has the most beautiful selection of marble. 

Marble is a beautiful rock widely used in buildings, monuments, and sculptures. Formed from limestone by the heat and pressure deep in the earth's crust, marble is available in hundreds of colors. 

Our Marble is imported from the finest quarries around the world including Belgium, France, Great Britain, Greece, India, Italy, and Spain. Here are only a few of the more popular colors. 

There's many, many more to choose from, please call 716-625-8400 or stop in to see what else is available...

Aghia Marina Alivery Silver Arabescato Orobico Belgium Black Bereccia Antica Bianco Venatino Black Rose Boca White Botticino Semi Classico Breccia Oniciata Breccia Oriental Breccia Rose Breche Nouvelle Cafe Forrest Goli Calacatta Gold Carnis Breccia Carnis Cervaiole Cloudy Veins Crema Argento Crema Delicata Crema Marfil Ivory Daino Reale Desert Pink Dove Pink Egeo Ondulato Emperador Dark Emperador Light Empress Green Eramosa Espresso Light Forest Green French Vanilla Giallo Sahara Giverney Mystic Golden Cobra Grigio Carnico Irish Green Majestic Ocean Marva Red Medusa Rosa New San Laurent Oasis Blue Olocite Oprea Fantastico Pietrefied Wood Rainbow Rainforrest Green Goli Rose Arabescato Rossa Luana Sahara Gold Salome Savannah Grey Stalatitti Gold Summer Sky Tropical Blue Tundra Grey Polished Verde Antigua Verde Laguna Wallace Creek White Onyx Vein Cut White Onyx White Pearl